After 38 years of research at the Mangosteen Research and Development Center in Thailand, Professor Pichaet Wiriyachitra disclosed that the beneficial effects of mangosteen are due to the substance known as GM-1. GM-1 the most active xanthone found in mangosteen. Thai Researchers developed anti-cancer formula from the mangosteen fruit.

GM-1 has been proven to balance the immune system of the human body, in turn making it stronger against pain, fever, inflammation, diarrhea, infections, ulcers and cancer.

Called GM-1, the substance was found to be effective in killing bacteria that were antibiotic-resistant, and three times more effective against inflammation than aspirin. In addition, GM-1 has better antioxidant quality than vitamin E and most importantly, can effectively kill cancer cells in the lab.

From this substance, the researchers produced an antiseptic cream that provided better treatment for wounds infected with Streptococci and Staphylococcus bacteria that are resistant to penicillin and methicillin. That was when mangosteen peel, which once created a lot of pollution and waste, became valuable.

In the peak of fruit season, mangosteen, like many other fruits, is abundant and thus the price is lower, while waste from peels increases. In 2009, a group of researchers at the Thailand Mangosteen Research and Development Center tried to produce mangosteen juice. It was found that the juice provided and effective solution for people with Unbalanced Immunity. The Researchers controlled the level of of GM-1 in the juice in order to produce the best effects on health. Mangosteens then became even more interesting among the scientists and researchers.