Breast Cancer

The leading cause of cancer in women is breast cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, 37 percent of all cancers are cancerous. And secondly, mortality rate is secondary to lung cancer. This is shocking. Women have breast cancer every week and 400 people have died of breast cancer, up to 9 people a day.

Causes of Breast Cancer

Currently, there is no clear cause of breast cancer, but 5-10% of the cases have inherited disorders. Other causes are similar to other types of cancer. And there are other factors, like eating a high fat diet, eat red meat, including female hormones.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

At first, it starts with lumps at the breast. There is usually only one and no pain observed from the nipple in the breast larger or the shape of the milk is not normal. The skin around the breast is reddish. The skin is rough, like orange skin. If a serious period starts, the follicles or bleeding from the nipple begins. Some patients may experience armpit lumps. The risk of breast cancer increases with age, this is doubled every 10 years until the menopause.

Breast Cancer Observation

Every woman should always observe. And self-examination breast. Every month at the age of 20 years should see a doctor when the symptoms are suspicious, do not leave it because it does not hurt many women who have misunderstood that the lump would not hurt. Regular physical examination body care is considered a good cancer preparation.

Breast Cancer Treatment

For the treatment of breast cancer. There are several ways, like breast surgery And lymph nodes under the armpits (if the cancer cells have spread to the lymph nodes). Chemotherapy may be required in combination with irradiation. This treatment will cause severe side effects to patients, such as nausea, hair loss, weakness.

One more choice Of breast cancer care is with immunotherapy. Immunotherapy helps enhance the performance of the killer white blood cells & the ability to eliminate specific cancer cells. The fact that we build white blood cells in the body provides the potential for caring and managing cancer cells, which is different from drug delivery. The white blood cells in our body, which is tens of millions of cells deal with cancer cells directly.

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