AC Plus Global’s product range focuses on balancing immunity as the new form of healthcare to support to ensure for optimal immune system response. Immune response is important to support against diseases including cancer, cyst, HIV, eczema, gout and more.
Our products are formulated with the synergistic mixtures of refined extracts from natural plant-based materials using the latest 21st century immunological techniques.
Products have been researched and developed by our team of scientists with over 30 years and are accredited by leading institutes. We have recently won the award for most Outstanding innovative product from the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

International Market

AC Plus Global have developed new packaging with the aim to target the international market and inform the world about this ‘new dimension of healthcare’. With our new blister pack packaging, it brings our products into international standard with healthier by preventing moisture, contamination from various dirt and prevent the deterioration of the extract in the capsule.

We are now open for applications for international distributors in USA and Europe.
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